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To the only institution in the world that trains Vitalist Magnetic Therapists, founded by the authors of the method, with the experience of having taught courses for more than 20 years to people from Mexico and many countries who have come to receive vitalist techniques. We specialize only in the application of magnets with the north polarity in the body of patients and the energy detoxification techniques that every therapist has to have to avoid damaging their health due to the energy contagion that they receive from the receptors of their therapy. On our page you will find a magnetic technique different from everything that is used in the field of health, that because Vitalist Therapists perform our therapies without damaging our health because we handle the vitalist energy hygiene that you will learn in our course, If you are a doctor, nurse, masseuse, stylist, or therapist of any energy therapy that is not vitalist, it is important when entering our course we drain from your body with magnets the energy contagions of the diseases that you have accumulated over the years by perform your therapies. This will improve your health greatly, because the common thing is that the vast majority of non-vital therapists who come to receive our course are very ill, for this reason said drainage is a requirement to receive our course in which you will learn the great importance of or a therapist of any energy therapy that is not vitalist, it is important when entering our course we drain from your body with magnets the energy contagions of the diseases that you have accumulated over the years when performing your therapies. This will improve your health greatly, because the common thing is that the vast majority of non-vital therapists who come to receive our course are very ill, for this reason said drainage is a requirement to receive our course in which you will learn the great importance of or a therapist of any energy therapy that is not vitalist, it is important when entering our course we drain from your body with magnets the energy contagions of the diseases that you have accumulated over the years when performing your therapies. This will improve your health greatly, because the common thing is that the vast majority of non-vital therapists who come to receive our course are very ill, for this reason said drainage is a requirement to receive our course in which you will learn the great importance of

That they must follow when making magnetic applications, to avoid the energy contagion that sickens and kills many of the health workers. By attending our courses, you will obtain magnetic techniques that will help you heal others, but mainly you and your family because you will know the vitalist energetic functioning of your body and your emotions. For the aforementioned reasons, we believe that our course is invaluable for your health, for the vitalistic energy knowledge that it will provide you, to practice in your daily life.  

In our course you will learn the energy hygiene techniques that will make you avoid the energy contagion of the disease that a large number of doctors, therapists and other health workers are making inexplicably ill.

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The magnetic techniques that you will learn in our course will improve your own health

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You will avoid the energetic contagion of the disease when performing your therapies


You will learn the most effective vitalistic magnetic techniques against physical and emotional illnesses, using only the north polarity

The disease, whatever its name, is the result of the imbalance of vital energy, produced by energy aggressors and by draining their energy from your body using the north polarity of magnets, health will return.

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Get ready to learn how to heal emotionally and physically with magnets, attending our practical theory course on Bio-Magnetic Adjustment!

Bio-Magnetic Adjustment

Biomagnetism method that maintains that all disease is the result of the imbalance of the vital energy of the organism, caused by energy aggressors, which cause energy instability in the human body, favoring either acute or chronic disease. This technique seeks the magnetic balance of the body, using magnets with the north polarity as its authors have been dedicated to investigating for many years, the benefits that the north polarity energy produces in the body, and they ensure that all disease has an emotional component and another physical, giving more importance to the emotional. The Biomagnetic Adjustment affirms that physical health cannot be present in the person with active energy aggressors, and that the correct application of magnetic energy is capable of restoring health, both physically and emotionally shortly after the magnetic fields have been applied. In fact, the vast majority of people feel improvement within a few minutes after having magnets applied. This technique focuses on erasing from the person's energetic memory the energetic attacks that the body receives, which are classified as:

Inherited Energy Aggressors These are the most powerful and dangerous aggressors we face. They are also the most ignored by all the currents of energy therapies, which focus mostly on only removing the physical manifestations that the sick person currently presents, thus ignoring the energy family history, which commonly leads many therapists not to realize that The health problems that the patient presents are rooted in the energetic inheritance transmitted by their ancestors, which is affecting current health. This is an undeniable fact, since it has been shown, statistically speaking, that entire families have died from the same diseases. And although they live in different places and eat different foods, the inherited energy factor has been the most powerful aggressor, It is the energy transmitted by our parents and grandparents that drives harmful genes to develop chronic diseases. We can take great care of our current energetic and nutritional factors, but if we bring a very toxic energetic inheritance, it will probably not be of much use to us since our inherited energetic load will be affecting our current health. The magnets used properly, can inactivate the toxic energetic inheritance, avoiding the manifestation of the diseases that have the energetic inheritance as the main driver. Or they can inactivate the inherited energy that is driving a disease that is already installed in the body, improving the health of the person.
Mental Energy Aggressors. Repressed emotional traumas that are found in the energetic memory of the consulted altering the energy of their body, which are called toxic emotions and are considered as the first and most important cause of the energetic alteration suffered by the human being in these times, Being four the most common and aggressive toxic emotions that are present in the human being, in a sick state, which always has emotional repression causing those repressed toxic emotions, out of control of the energy of the most sensitive organs of the person and their vital energy, leading her to conditions closely related to her toxic genetic load and emotional suppression, Well, the society in which we live has a criterion that does not allow a person to express their emotions freely, making them repress most of them. All these repressed emotions, together with the energetic aggressors, will transform into firstly acute and subacute diseases, and then into chronic and degenerative diseases. The Biomagnetic Adjustment therapist is trained so that through the use of magnets, he drains those toxic emotions from the organs, since the magnetic reflex tells us that these emotions exist in the organs that are diseased, while in the organs that are they find healthy, they do not appear. In short, the inherited toxic energy load is compared to a loaded gun, while harmful emotions are what pull the trigger of the disease.
Anger (Every sick person finds it difficult to control his character, as this is one of the first energetic symptoms that the disease does not take long to appear or that it has already settled in the body.)
Fear and fright (These toxic emotions accelerate growth of all disease, since our immune system is very sensitive to these and they come to paralyze it energetically, causing the disease to develop strongly.)
Feelings of inferiority (This toxic emotion often makes people feel sick, even though clinical studies show them that they are healthy, making life difficult for them and their family members.) Plunging them into a world of despair, for no one can understand them, because the emotional imbalance that these toxic emotions produce, manifests itself in physical symptoms that are not taken into account as important.
These are some of the main toxic emotions that are commonly found in the patient, contaminating the energetic circulation of the biomagnetic meridians that feed our entire organism. (Observe it in your own sane when you receive any of these toxic emotions, as on that same day or the next day, your state of health is altered) These emotions come to alter, for a long time, the health of the person who possesses them, because our body does not have a system for eliminating these. Magnets have the potential to go to the root of the problem, erasing toxic emotions from the person's energetic memory, either through the realization (of the emotional adjustment or the energetic unblocking of the meridians)

Apart from these, there are other energy aggressors such as the following:
Food Energy Aggressors. Foods that tend to energetically alter the body, causing fatigue, inflammation, pain, lack of mental coordination after ingestion. (For the patient's knowledge of which foods are from the energy point of view, the magnetic reflex test will be carried out.)
Chemical Energetic Aggressors. By this we mean any cosmetic substance, personal cleaning item that is used frequently and that tests positive in the magnetic reflex test (which is proof that it is energetically attacking the body.)
Pathogenic Energy Aggressors. They are usually viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, whether energetic or clinical (positive charges can simulate any of the above, giving us positive in the magnetic reflex, so it is important to ask if the pathogens we find are clinical or energetic for the management of the themselves, the negative polarity magnets will be applied in vibration.)
Energetic Aggressors Metals. They can be any personal item that the consulted person usually uses, such as a watch, earrings, necklaces, ultra-uterine device; ornaments such as chains, bracelets, etc., that steal the magnetic energy of the body because they are not compatible with the energy of the consultant.
Plastic Energy Aggressors. They usually come in the form of denture guards such as bottled water exposed to heat, plastics that are used to decorate or accommodate hair.
Environmental Energy Aggressors. These are the result of aggressors of the environment where the consulted develops such as water, air, temperature, the place where he lives, environmental and magnetic contamination such as cell phones, computers, etc.
It is important to note that the body has energetic individuality and that what is favorable for some is an energetic aggressor for others. That is why it is important to perform magnetic reflex tests so that the person can have the knowledge of what could be the triggers of his aggravation.
In the bio-magnetic adjustment we are fully convinced that health will be the result of the person living a life in which there is respect for the energy of their body.
The bio-magnetic setting is characterized by the following.
Seeks to identify and avoid energy aggressors.
It tries to recover the energetic circulation of the bio-magnetic meridians
It can be considered the first and only unipolar technique (Because in our therapy we commonly apply only the negative magnetic energy of the magnets and we avoid the positive polarity because the vast majority of authors consider it acidifying of the organism and producer of aggravation crisis, apart from its application in therapy is unnecessary because with the negative polarity we have the best results.)
Nowadays it is the only method of biomagnetism that gives real importance to the emotional situation of the consultant, applying the emotional adjustment in a great majority of manifestations that are commonly considered only physical but that for us it is of the utmost importance to erase the energetic memory of the patient. consulted unpleasant experiences that are transformed into physical illnesses. (For which it is a therapy with great acceptance among therapists, homeopaths, psychologists and others who give emotional importance to the patient.
To achieve the above, the bio-magnetic adjustment therapist is train to practice the following techniques:
I.- Elimination of positive charges (Produces energy balance in the body)
II.- Energetic drainage. (Eliminates accumulated energy on inflamed organs)
III.- Study and adjustment of meridians. (To eliminate energetic obstructions of the same)
IV.- Integral adjustment. (Normalizes any altered energetic vibration in the individual)
V .- Emotional adjustment. (Eliminates emotional traumas from the energetic memory)
VI.- Inactivation of viruses and bacteria, parasites and fungi with vibration of the magnets.

Vitalistic Biomagnetism

It is the only method that takes into account vital energy to prevent diseases and to regain health, to achieve this goal, vitalist magnetic therapists use only magnets with the north polarity:
1.- We take into account the energetic contagion of the energy of diseases; that by not knowing its existence and how to prevent it is affecting the health of doctors, nurses, masseurs, therapists (Non-Vitalists), etc. Also, many therapy receptors are affected by a large number of energy contagions for which they are not detected or managed in other types of energy therapies, which means that these therapy receptors do not find the cause or the cause. solution to their health problems, because although energy contagion occurs in the vital energy of the human being, it always affects physical health.
2.- In order to avoid energy contagion, vitalist therapists perform procedures that no other magnetic therapy carries out, such as:
A.- Carry the magnetic shields in the hands before making the magnetic reflection in the receptors of our therapy.
B.- Energetic cleaning of the magnets after performing each therapy.
C.- Energetic cleaning of the magnets.
D.- Energetic cleaning of the therapy bed.
3.-Take into account the existence of energetic aggressors that for us as vitalist therapists are the energetic and physical cause of diseases.
4.-Vitalist magnetic therapists, unlike other healing methods, do not believe that something is good or bad for all people; but by using the body's nervous reflexes, we individualize each therapy we apply and we do not believe that medicine, whether of the allopathic, homeopathic or any other type, is bad, because we realize through the magnetic reflex that each type of medicine or herbal medicine has a different effect depending on the vital energy of each person.
5.- Vitalist therapists do not oppose any treatment.